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Polkinghorne, is he an Open Theist?

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I read John Polkinghorne’s Belief in God in an Age of Science, and I am wondering if he supports this position? What he writes sounds like it, but he is not listed in the books PRO.

Norman Hillestad

Reply to Norman Hillestad:

Polkinghorne does reject the “one act” creation of a timeless deity as per classical theism (see pg 82 of “The faith of a physicist” 1996 edition) but I cannot say how exactly he works out God’s relation to time from this statement. As often happens, he makes a negative objection but does not offer a constructive alternative, at least in this context… His rejection of the timeless deity is tied to his commitment to God as personal.


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Are any Reformed theologians sympathetic too or proponents of open theism?

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Are any Reformed theologians sympathetic too or proponents of open theism?



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Many people believe that only those from the Wesleyan-Arminian side of the tracks are open theists or are friendly towards open theism but that is not the case. Reformed theology has many who fit this category. For Reformed resources for relational theology and the dynamic omniscience view see the following.

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See the works of Jurgen Moltmann.

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Wolterstorff, Nicholas.
(see his essay in God & Time: Four Views, p. 188).

John Sanders

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