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Here you will find various forms of opposition to Open Theism. We do this for the sake of a well rounded debate. You can not really study any position unless you look at the opposing points of view.

You will find a list of books by authors and scholars who oppose openness theology on the publications page or by  clicking here .


John Piper

God, Foreknowledge and the Baptist General Conference  - Proposed Amendment Concerning the Foreknowledge of God and the Baptist General Conference.


Alfred J. Freddoso

“The ‘Openness’ of God: A Reply to William Hasker,” Christian Scholar’s Review by Alfred J. Freddoso, University of Notre Dame.


Jonathan Erdman

Open Theism – An Introductory Presentation  - A research paper by Jonathan Erdman, Master’s student at Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana, that attempts to objectively analyze the thoughts of the major advocates of Open Theism and fairly present their theology. The goal is to identify key issues that are foundational to the current discussion including hermeneutical, philosophical and theological themes. This paper may also be found at  theosproject.blogspot.com

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